Your Car/Van/LCV requires to be regularly serviced in accordance with the individual manufacturers schedules. These are normally based on either mileage covered or time elapsed since the last service (Please check the service book within the Owners Pack). Most modern day vehicles have an in-dash warning system to advise you or your next service date/mile. These systems have to be reprogrammed after the service is completed. Here at DW Motors we have all the latest equipment to reset all vehicles. 




The Government and VOSA specify that your motor vehicle requires an annual inspection, more commonly called an MOT test. Your vehicle must get an MOT test every year once your vehicle is 3 years old. This is a full roadworthy/safety check of all the components of your vehicle. The test takes approximately one hour to perfrom, after which you are either issued a Pass Certificate or a certificate of failure which is fully itemised. (If the vehicle is repaired and re-tested within a 10 day period there is no re-test fee).


The braking system on the modern day cars and vans is a complicated mass of components, all of which wear and deteriorate over time, hence the importance of having the system regularly checked (Prevention is better, cheaper and safer than letting things get too late.) This check comes as standard within any service. However, should you feel any change in the way your brakes feel (ie. Pedal feels spongy or hard to press) please give us a call to discuss the problem and for some free advise.