UK Law requires your vehicle to be fitted with the correct type and size of tyre. The legal minimum tread depth of a tyre is 1.6mm. If your tread depth is below 1.6mm you could face 3 points on your license and up to a £2,500 fine PER TYRE


Why is there a tread depth limit?


The tread depth of your tyre has two main effects on a vehicle, handling and grip, which will be most noticable in the wet weather. studies show that a vehicle with 1.6mm of tread remaining will take 8 metres longer to come to complete stop than a vehicle with 3mm of tread remaining.


How can I check my tread depth?


The easiest way to check your tread depths is to come and see us for a FREE OVERALL TYRE CHECK. Most manufacturers incorporate a tread depth indicator (TDI) into the design of their tyres which when becomes flush with the rest of the tyre, indicates the tread is at 1.6mm and exactly on the legal limit. (See image to the left)


How we can help?


Here at DW Motors we recommend replacing your tyres when you reach a tread depth of around 3mm, to ensure the safe handling and grip of your vehicle. We stock a wide range of budget and premium tyres of all makes, models and sizes. We offer a While-U-Wait tyre change service with complimentary beverages. We also have the latest laser tracking equipment available. We can also offer a puncture repair service where appropriate.