13 years ago E.U legisaltion affecting the Motor Trade came into force. This new legislation, 'BLOCK EXEMPTION REGULATIONS 1400/2002' changes the ways cars/vans are serviced and repaired, giving motorists greater freedom as to who should look after their vehicles.


Motorists can NOW use any garage of their choice to service and repair their vehicles WITHOUT invalidating the manufacturers warranty.


Certain criteria and rules apply:


  • Servicing complies with the manufacturers schedules and is recorded as such.

  • The parts used are of 'appropriate quality' and are recorded as such.

  • All oils and lubricants must meet manufacturer specification.

  • Garages must have suitable equipment to reset service indicator lights.


DW Motors parts policy is to use OE parts, however if for whatever reason OE parts are not fitted, the parts that are fitted meet, and in many cases exceed, the 'appropriate quality' criteria that this legislation outlines.


The legislation also covers service and maintencace within the warranty period and PROHIBITS manufacturers from imposing condtions such as:


  • All normal maintencace must be provided within the vehicles makers' network,

  • All parts used must be manufacturers 'original spare parts'.


Manufacturers must now willingly distribute technical data to an independant garage with a legitimate need for technical information for a cost, the same cost charged to anyone within the manufacturers network.